Aircraft Asset Assessment

September 17, 2018


Market Presence. The A310-300 at least features a two-person cockpit though it lacks the sophistication of the later Airbus product range. The powerplants remained reasonably competitive until recently. Operational flexibility of the A310-300 varies considerably depending on the MTOW and whether additional fuel tanks are fitted in the lower cargo hold. With a MTOW of 164 tonnes, the highest available, the A310-300, has transatlantic capability while lesser weights still permit versatile operation in Eastern Europe and Asia. The CF6 powers the majority of A310-300s. The CF6-80C2A8 is the more favoured CF6 derivative in terms of performance. The competition to the A310-300 primarily stemmed from the B767-200ER and the larger widebodies have diverted some of the attention away from the A310.

Market Outlook. Values of the A310-300 have suffered over the last decade, experiencing a significant decline and they are now at scrap levels. The rise of regional services encouraged a need for a medium sized transport and economic development in a number of countries generated sufficient business and economy traffic to justify the use of a widebody. Pricing of the A310-300 in terms of values and rentals was sufficient to encourage use by a greater number of second tier carriers but times have changed and the appetite for the aircraft continues to decline such that asset value attraction has evaporated.


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