Aircraft Asset Assessment Embraer E190

October 29, 2018

Market Presence. With the development of the E2 series of aircraft, Embraer has been actively seeking to sell new aircraft offering considerable incentives in the hope of maintaining production. This has affected the used market making it more difficult to dispose of aircraft coming off lease and seeking to be sold as standalone aircraft. The values and lease rentals of the E190 have therefore experienced a fall in the recent past and this is a trend is not expected to be reversed any time soon.

Market Outlook. The values of the oldest E190s are now well into single digits with the values of new examples fortunate to be $30 million. Lease rentals can be below $100,000 for the oldest and less than $200,000 for the newer examples. The market for the aircraft is clearly in favor of the lessee and buyer. Values of the E190 are being impacted by the advancing product life cycle and the development of the E2.


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