Net Pricing of E190 Suffers As E2 Takes Over

June 10, 2019

Values of the E190 have experienced a variety of fortunes over the last 15 years with new net pricing suffering as the last of the line are delivered.

The value of a new E190 has increased slightly from when the aircraft was first delivered in 2005. In 2005 the value of a new E190 approximated $28 million. Some 14 years later the value of a new E190 is only just $30 million representing an increase of seven percent. As the values of most new aircraft have failed to advance over the last 20 years then the situation of the E190 is not exceptional. The impact of virtually little increase in the value of a new E190 is to see a more rapid deterioration in the value of used aircraft.

The value of a new E190 fell by some 20 percent in the wake of the financial crisis but improved thereafter such that at its peak the value of a new E190 in 2016 was $32 million. The market at this time was increasingly focusing on larger regional jets, sufficient to replace the 70 seaters in some numbers. With the development of the E190E2 the values of a new example have declined once more. The market for the E190 in the short term is still far from promising with a significant number of aircraft being returned by operators. The cost of engine maintenance can be a substantive drain on resources and such factors have weighed heavily when assigning values to the type.

The average value assigned to a new E190 by seven appraisers approximates $31.5 million with the lowest being $29.8 million and the highest $34.3 million. The list price of a new E190 is $52 million which indicates an average discount of 42 percent when based on a new value $30 million.


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