Values of Early A330-300 Experience Significant Fall

August 5, 2019

The A330-300 has experience a variety of fortunes and while more recently there has been some stability this is at very low levels.

The value of a new A330-300 in the late 1990s approximated $100 million and only marginally increased to a maximum of $109 million for a brief time. In terms of the value trend of the -300 built in 1999 there have been a number of events that have served to cause a significant fall from which there has only been a partial recovery on occasion.

The market conditions post 2001 were not favorable and values suffered a precipitous fall as a result of the limited interest in international travel. The range of the A330-300 – Airbus were still pursuing twin engines for medium haul and four engines for long haul – meant that the U.S. was a primary market for a number of -300 operators. However, the market improved but the values did not and remained static. In the early 2000’s Airbus introduced the Enhanced version which drew upon the improvements made to the A340-500 and -600. The higher MTOW’s and improved specification meant that the earlier -300s were more vulnerable and less desirable particularly as Airbus were offering attractive deals on new aircraft. There was only a modest decline in the mid 2000s but the Great Recession caused values to experience a significant decline once more. With the introduction of higher weights and better engines, the values of pre-2001 -300s continued to suffer even as the market for most widebodies improved. In the last five years the values of the -300 have suffered from the transition to the A330-900 and as such values have decline in percentage if not dollar terms. There is now a measure of stability for the older vintage -300s not least because any remaining value can be mostly attributed to the engines.

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