Values of Older Widebodies Stutter

January 21, 2019

The values of mid age widebodies continue to suffer as the issue of value convergence takes hold and as production of outgoing models looms such as the A330ceo and B777.

The arrival of new products and the divesting of older types is contributing to the lack luster nature of the widebody market. The virtual wholesale replacement of the widebody product line up over this decades has caused problems for outgoing types. As the product line transitions to new types, operators are disposing of their older equipment and the problem is that some of the capacity being released is too large for second tier operators – unless the price is sufficiently low. The fall in widebody values continues to equate to around 7-10 percent although the decline affecting some types will be higher, notably those no longer in production and which are seeing relatively high levels of availability.

Values and Ratings courtesy of The Aircraft Value Analysis Company, The Aircraft Value Analysis Rating (AVAR) reflects the considered suitability for asset based financing over a seven year period. Ratings range from the best A++ to the worst E–.




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