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Aircraft Asset Assessment: A310-300

August 2, 2010

Market Presence. The A310-300 at least features a two-person cockpit though it lacks the sophistication of other members of the Airbus product range. The powerplants remain reasonably competitive and the interior offers marketing opportunities for large and small operators. The relative youth of the program ensures that adverse maintenance issues will be contained for at least a few more years. Operational flexibility of the A310-300 varies considerably depending on the MTOW and whether additional fuel tanks are fitted in the lower cargo hold. With a MTOW of 164 tonnes, the highest available, the A310-300, has transatlantic capability while lesser weights still permit versatile operation in Eastern Europe and Asia. Singapore Airlines had been a long-term user of the A310 but the lack of a replacement from either Boeing or Airbus has forced replacement with the B777, an option not available to most operators.

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