Used B757 Values Latterly Remain Firm

March 4, 2019

The market for the B757 remains reasonable and as such values continue to exhbit considerable stability.

In designing the B757 – a program that was developed in conjunciton with the B767 and a move that may reappear with the B797 – Boeing developed not only a formidable performer but one which has proved difficult to displace. The performace of the B757 in terms of range and capacity meant that it was ideally suited to both denser domestic and regional routes as well as longer sectors, not least being able to undertake transcontinental services in the U.S. and to South America. The value of a 1989 vintage B757-200 with Rolls-Royce engines started at $45 million – not too dissimilar to the value of a new A321-200 today. The events of the early 1990s took only a modest toll on values as the type proved itself an efficient machine.

Even before the events of 2001, the market for the B757 was beginning to be adversely affected. Both large and small lessors had leased a number of B757s but the weaker market of 2000, notably the demise of recent entrant and lessee of B757s, National Airlines in the USA, saw a number of aircraft come onto the market and lessors scrambled to place aircraft such that lease rentals tumbled, followed by values. The events of 2001 contributed to the overall decline in values, with the cessation of production also proving to be a negative. However, the lack of a direct replacement, the conversion to freighter and still exceptional economics ensure that the type regained some favor. Values over the last decade have therefore suffered a relative minor decline and indeed prices being paid for quality aircraft can be much higher.


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