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Aircraft Asset Assessment: A340-600

July 13, 2015

Market Presence. The values of the A340-600 have experienced a notable fall in recent years as the fuel economy of the type has been affected by the arrival of newer twin engined aircraft types. The recent fall in the price of fuel may induce some operators to retain aircraft for longer or for others to introduce the type as a temporary measure until the arrival of newer equipment. The potential for short to medium term leasing is also likely to be increase in the context of lower fuel prices. As the aircraft increasingly filters down to second tier carriers, there will be increased emphasis on capacity as a means of further reducing the seat mile costs. Airbus is making progress in increasing the seating capacity of the A340-600. The OEMs on the A340 have recognized that a more proactive stance is needed and these latest moves aim to least stabilize values of the A340-500 and -600 at around $35-45 million rather than the distressed sale levels of $20 million that are sometimes reported but which may have little basis in fact given that owners are not willing to sell at such levels. The market for the A340-500 and -600 has achieved a measure of stability and trading is taking place.

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