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Aircraft Asset Assessment

September 16, 2019

Market Presence. The A319 has been offered as a corporate jet for a number of years as the A319CJ and Airbus secured a number of notable orders. However, a number of operators have offered dedicated business class services and longer haul capability on smaller jets to meet the demand from high yielding passengers for more point to point services. While the number of such services remains small, it is expected that this will increase in the coming years due to rising demand. With the airframe manufacturers virtually sold out in terms of new delivery slots in the coming years, there will be little opportunity for operators to acquire such enhanced aircraft except from the used market. With the need to attract higher yielding passengers there can be expected to be sustained, if limited, demand for the A319-100ER. It is therefore considered that the A319-100ERs currently attract a material premium. It is noted that some of the A319ERs are currently leased from major leasing companies suggesting that such lessors are able to extract a premium for such aircraft. As a dedicated business orientated aircraft the A319 features additional equipment. This includes a higher MTOW, greater thrust engines, additional fuel, more extensive avionics and comprehensive IFE.

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