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Aircraft Asset Assessment: B777-200

March 24, 2014

Market Presence. The B777-200 has experienced the fate of most initial variants of a new model –marginalization within the first decade of service entry. This should provide some pause for thought when considering the B787-8. The difference for the -200 lay with the expectation that such an outcome could be avoided or at least delayed. Initial financings of the B777-200 made great play of the payload/range characteristics of the -200 but avoided the historical benefit of improving payload/range capability. The placement of only 88 orders since being launched over 22 years ago is testament to how unfavorably operators view the capabilities of the -200. With only twelve operators, the -200 falls far short of the perceived desired minimum of 20 operators. Yet the operator base is reasonably well distributed with Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East all being represented. Tradition also indicates that initial customers would retain the type for a more than a decade, reducing the potential for a surplus.

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