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Aircraft Asset Assessment

May 28, 2018

Market Presence. The performance and reliability of the aircraft has been matching expectations even if the engines have needed to be upgraded. It is no surprise that the orders for the B787-9 have now easily surpassed those for the -8. The problems experienced with the -8 increased calls from customers to ensure that sufficient resources were allocated to the development of the -9 to prevent a reoccurrence. The -9, entering service in mid-2014, still required considerable effort. The values of the B787-9 were initially conservative due to the debacle with the -8. As the service entry has been relatively trouble free and in-service experience complementary, values have been able to increase. The value of a new B787-9 is now just over $143 million (such value not being the net purchase price but the price at which the owner of newly delivered -9 sells to a third party) which compares with a value of nearer to $125 million as of 2014.

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