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Aircraft Asset Assessment

February 18, 2008

Market Presence. The MD87, though incorporating some refinements when compared to the standard MD82, nonetheless is considered to belong to an older generation. The MD87 features EFIS and HUD that improve cockpit efficiency. The structure may be sound, building upon the integrity of the DC9, but systems are showing their age. The engines in particular are the most vulnerable components in the current period of rising fuel costs and noise issues even though a Chapter 4 hushkit is now available. The operational capability of the MD87 at just over 2,300nm, was improved by the optional incorporation of a higher MTOW and additional fuel tanks. The size and range performance of MD87 made it more attractive to the executive market. Only the JT8D powers the MD87. The -217C was the standard but the -219 could be selected as an option. Most MD87s are powered by the -219. The MD87 sought to compete against the B737-300 as well as provide a means of upgrading from the DC9 series. The MD87 now competes against the A319, B737-700 and B737-300.

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