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Aircraft Asset Assessment: A318

May 4, 2015

Market Presence. Values having fallen so far already suggests that they will remain stable though some 10 ex Frontier aircraft have already been scrapped. As a member of the A320 family, technology is not an issue for the A318. Technical obsolescence will not feature for some years or at least until the A320 family is upgraded or replaced. The interior of the A318, providing a wider diameter than the competition, is attractive for corporate customers. On a 100 seater, such an advantageous interior arrangement will further enhance passenger perceptions though operator appeal is less obvious. The high gross weight A318s are a match for the B737-600, something that was lacking with the original payload/range objectives. However, a 100 seater usually flies shorter sectors such that flight times are likely to approximate an hour. The difference in MTOWs has a significant effect on range capability. While structural changes are unlikely to be necessary to accommodate higher gross weights on a post-production basis, there may be some operating empty weight implications.

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