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Aircraft Asset Assessment – CRJ200

May 10, 2021

Market Presence. There must be distinction between those that are “parked” and those that are in “storage”. The CRJ200ER has long been the subject of long-term storage levels for a number of years. This is where aircraft are not temporarily withdrawn from service by an operator with the intent of placing the aircraft back into service when demand returns, but more reflects the retirement of an aircraft from service for onward sale or lease. Consequently, there are 150 or more CRJ200ERs in storage that are seeking to be placed with new operators while a similar number are parked awaiting to be returned to service with the same operator. The lease rentals of the CRJ200ER have been variable for many years because of the number in storage and the differing quality of equipment. Moving aircraft between jurisdictions is also not cheap.

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