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Values of A330-200 Continue to Suffer from End of Product Life Cycle

May 27, 2019

The values of the A330-200 continue to experience a downward trend, with the last six months seeing a fall in excess of eight percent. At the time of the A330-200 launch in 1995 Airbus anticipated that the market for the 250-300-seat segment amounted to some 3,000 units over a 20 year period. This is a large number given that Boeing had secured only 440 orders for the -300ER over more than ten years. However, Airbus indicated that it expected around 500 orders for the A330-200 specifically. With 665 orders to date, the program has surpassed expectations. When the A330-200 was introduced in 1998, the new variant represented a major and significant shift in philosophy for Airbus. Up until the launch of the A330-200 Airbus had maintained the stance that four engines were needed for long range operations with twin engined widebodies being used on medium haul routes where extensive 180 minutes ETOPs was not necessary. However, the success of the B767-300ER and then the B777-200ER in particular prompted Airbus to consider the efficiency of longer haul twin engined widebodies. Certainly the increased reliability of higher thrust high bypass ration turbofans made the decision that much easier.

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