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Aircraft Asset Assessment-The B777F

October 16, 2017

Market Presence. The market for the B777F is not only well established through the operation of the B747s, MD11Fs, B767Fs and A300-600Fs but will also likely experience expansion as a consequence of the improvement in payload/range and through twin engined efficiency. The age profile of earlier widebodies such as the B747-400F are now suitable for replacement; the demand for mid-sized widebodies is increasing as a result of intra-regional economic growth; operators are seeking fuel efficient equipment and the imposition of ever tighter environmental constraints is serving to increase the need for quieter aircraft. Market Outlook. The market for new aircraft is limited by the conversion of existing units which represent a more economical choice for not only ad hoc charter operators but also those operators of passenger aircraft seeking either to replace older freighters or a new use for their older aircraft. The A330, A340 and B777 will become increasingly viewed as candidates for conversion. The B777F is therefore likely to secure a limited number of orders in the coming years from both existing and new operators. The small package industry will naturally be seen as a primary source of demand, providing volume production for Airbus but other smaller operators, including those already operating the passenger version of the B777F, will be viewed as potential customers.

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